Termination of Unwanted pregnancy in Randburg

In Randburg, termination of pregnancy or an abortion is performed on demand (with pre-termination counselling) and on medical (without counselling but the circumstances must be verified). Counselling in an authorised counselling centre is free of charge and confidential in Abortion clinic in Randburg.

  • On demand: A pregnant woman wanting to abort for any reason other than medical or criminal must have counselling for the unwanted pregnancy:
  • The abortion must take place within 13 weeks of conception. This is calculated as 15 weeks from the first day of the woman's last period
  • Written confirmation in the form of a certificate from a recognised centre is required to prove that counselling has been undertaken
  • There must be at least three days between the counselling and the operation

2 .On medical grounds: Abortion may be carried out after the 13th week of pregnancy only where the life of the pregnant woman is in danger, or her physical or mental health is threatened by the pregnancy (it must be proved that the danger to the woman can only be averted by a termination), or where there is known or anticipated damage to the unborn child, due to chromosomal disorders or similar 3. On criminal grounds : Where a woman is pregnant as a result of rape termination must take place within 12 weeks of conception but there is no obligation to attend counselling. An independent doctor must verify that there are medical or criminal grounds for an abortion and provide a medical certificate stating this. This doctor may not perform the abortion. In all cases an abortion may only be carried out with the agreement of the pregnant woman and a doctor.

Before a Termination

The decision to have an abortion lies entirely with the pregnant woman. If the girl is under 18 the consent of a guardian is needed, however, should the woman wish to continue the pregnancy confidential the doctor can decide if she is mature enough to make the choice herself or whether the parents should be informed and make the decision for her. In all cases, a pregnant woman must prove that she is pregnant. She must have a gynaecological examination to establish the length of the pregnancy and identify any foetal abnormalities. The doctor will provide a pregnancy certificate, which is needed for counselling.

Abortion pill

The abortion pill, RU486 (otherwise known as medical abortion, medical termination, or the brand name Mifegyne®), Cytotec misoprostol has been allowed in Randburg since 1996. A gynecologist/physician can prescribe Mifegyne® until 63 days of amenorrhoea (from the first day of the last period). It is a non-surgical method for ending a pregnancy in the early stages.

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Surgical Abortion

For terminations later than the 63 days limit of Mifegyne® but still under 12 weeks, vacuum aspiration is the common procedure. In cases where a termination is on medical grounds, and therefore over the 12 weeks, the foetus is too big for surgical abortion. In this case early labour must be induced with medication.


Counselling is compulsory except in cases of abortion on medical or criminal grounds. It is available free of charge at a recognised counselling centre  such as the Women's H Clinic Family Planning, Sex Education and Sexual Counselling and Advice Service (Pro Familia) or at a church centre.

  • Find a counselling centre using Pro Familia's search page

The counsellor and pregnant woman should discuss the situation and come up with possible solutions. At this point the counselling is anonymous - no name need be given. If the woman decides to have an abortion she will receive a counselling certificate, which includes her name and the date. The certificate will not contain any details of the discussion between the counsellor and the woman. This certificate is necessary in order to have a legal abortion.

Organisations and Costs

A gynaecologist or the Family Planning organisation, Pro Familia, can supply information on which specialist doctors or organisations will perform an abortion and the price charged. A termination on criminal or medical grounds is paid by health insurance and the states. In the case of private health insurance it is important to check that the individual insurer does cover termination on criminal grounds. In all other cases the woman must pay for the operation. These costs include the actual abortion and any essential medical costs where there is follow-up treatment. All other expenses, for example the examination to establish pregnancy and any complications as a result of the abortion, must be covered by private medical insurance. In cases where a woman has no or limited income or does not have statutory medical insurance, the state will cover the costs. A woman's personal circumstances are looked at to establish if she is eligible for financial help.

Further Information

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