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Abortion pills in Bahrain are in your recent search and purchase hit, this post is for you. There are hidden costs of abortion pills that no one is going to tell you. But your health is your serious responsibility. And you cannot ignore the risks with abortion. WhatsApp +27638309459 

This post intends to help its readers get an insight into things they need to know before abortion in Bahrain. The same holds true for other Middle East countries where abortions are illegal just like they are in Bahrain.

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Abortion pills for sale available in Bahrain.

The legal landscape of abortions in Bahrain.

Abortion pills price in Bahrain.

Gentle Care, painless, quick, single-appointment, 100% successful abortion: Your best option.

Abortion pills for sale available in Bahrain:

So, if you are looking to buy abortion pills in Bahrain, then you may not find them in pharmacies. You may also not get a prescription for abortion pills. Then, who are the suppliers selling abortion pills in Bahrain through online forums?

Well, this comes as a legitimate question. If you hunt to search for, "abortion pills in Bahrain", you may come up with multiple search results. Most of them have WhatsApp numbers or email addresses or some ways of communication. So, are they all fake?

No, they may not be fake but they are not even legal. Since abortions in Bahrain are illegal, most of these supplies are illegal. And you cannot be sure of buying the right product from the black market. Can you?

If you think you can visit any private abortion clinic in Bahrain, sorry to say but you don't have any. Abortion in Bahrain are highly restricted. And therefore, you cannot even find a registered abortion clinic except for the state hospitals. And in state hospitals, you won't be allowed to terminate a pregnancy by your choice.

So, what is your option? Should you buy abortion tablets illegally? Trust us, it can be a wrong choice and we will come to it, how.

You may buy fake or expired tablets being sold under the name of abortion pills. How can you tell that you are buying the right product? Or it will benefit you as expected?

The pack may be lose or come in fake packing. The contents may not be the approved abortion medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It may not be the right move to trust someone selling illegal pills for some easy money. Read further to know what abortion pills can cost you.

The legal landscape of abortions in Bahrain:

Abortions in Bahrain are illegal with an exception for married women. To them, abortions are available to protect their life. More than one doctor has to prove with strong evidence that continuing the pregnancy is endangering the patient's life.

Abortion in Bahrain is also permissible again to married women in case of fetal anomalies. In this case, women can get an abortion only for some documented fetal deformities. And the available time is only 17 weeks into the pregnancy.

Now, there are two problems with this ceiling gestation period. These are:

  1. The first problem is that certain fetal abnormalities are detected after 17 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes, amniocentesis may not be available on time. Or it may fail to diagnose any disorders in an early phase. The next ultrasound is usually scheduled between 18-20 weeks. Now if a couple gets to know of a fetal deformity at this stage, abortion in Bahrain is not available.
  2. The second problem is that the 17-week mark is calculated from the Last Menstrual Period (LMP). It is very common to have women with a delayed period. Many women have their menstrual cycle lasting more than 28 days. Some may have it as wide as a 40-day cycle. So, their ovulation period may vary largely. As a result, the exact pregnancy length will also vary. And the fetal anomalies may be detected in a later stage. But a late-stage abortion in Bahrain may not be available since the window is closed.

Besides these two reasons, abortions in Bahrain are illegal. They are treated as punishable offences. Expats found to be resorting to illegal abortions may have to face deportation, imprisonment and other forms of punishment. Besides, they may not be allowed to terminate the pregnancy.

Women resorting to unsafe abortions:

Legal punishment and medical consequences can disrupt a woman's personal, social as well as professional life.

When the pregnancy knocks on the door of an unmarried girl, the consequences are even harsher. Premarital sexual intimacy is considered taboo and even punishable. The girl may have to face the brunt of the family and society. Not only this, she may receive legal punishment as well. The life ahead may get a living nightmare for her.

It is due to the fear of such consequences only that women seeks illegal abortions. Buying abortion pills is their easiest rescue. But they do not know the depth of this pitfall. Abortion pills may seem the easiest way, but it is not the safest pathway. Sometimes, the condition can be even life-threatening. The girl may have to pay the price of abortion pills with her lost health or life.

Abortion pills price in Bahrain:

Wondering about the cost concerns is a justified gesture. And if you too are wondering about the cost of abortion pills in Bahrain, probably you need to read this. The abortion pills price in Bahrain can come to you in many forms. We shall try to cover most of them here.

However, if your query remains unanswered by the end of this post, please drop a comment in the comment section. You can expect to receive the earliest reply. Elsewise, you can also contact the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) helpline number. At AHB, you can get your queries answered directly by the experts.

Let us now get to the cost factors one by one.

The monetary cost of abortion pills in Bahrain:

We are talking about the cost of abortion in terms of the Bahraini Dinar (bhd). Do you know that the cost you pay for abortion pills in Bahrain is as high as near 200 BHD?

Another big issue is that even after spending a high amount, you may not be sure of successful abortion. And you will also get an exposure to several side effects of abortion pills like:

  • Heavy bleeding,
  • Risk of ectopic pregnancy,
  • Incomplete abortion,
  • Infections,
  • Internal injury, and more.

Moreover, what if you get fake or expired pills? And where will you go in case of an emergency? The doors of illegal suppliers shut at the same moment they get their money. You cannot expect any help from them in case of any complications or risks with abortion.

Whereas, in this big amount, you can fly to India, get a safe abortion and return with successful abortion. Surprisingly, this amount can even sponsor a heavenly vacation in India besides the abortion at the best abortion hospital.

Then, why spend on some cheap abortion pills that can put you in medical, legal as well as personal trauma?

Let's learn more about the cost of abortion pills in Bahrain Riffa.

Cost of abortion pills in Bahrain in terms of incomplete abortion:

Incomplete abortion is the most common complication with abortion pills. It is a complication even with unsafe manual abortions. You may spend once for the pills, but what if they are not effective in cleaning your womb completely? If you are thinking that you can buy another set of abortion pills, then you are again wrong. They will not clean the pregnancy remnants.

Your first wrong step was to buy illegal abortion pills. Even if you manage to buy safe abortion pills, there is a large probability of incomplete abortion. Many times, the doctors prescribe abortion pills after a complete diagnosis. This is to minimize the risk of incomplete abortion. However, medical abortion is not 100% efficient. Hence, there are chances of incomplete abortion even after a careful prescription.

And when you self-medicate, you do not consider the factors that a doctor would before prescribing.

Some of these factors are:

  • Exact pregnancy length.
  • The patient's medical condition needs dose adjustment according to:
    • Any co-existing medical condition.
    • Any medicines she may be taking that can interact with abortion tablets.
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) or a difference in body weight like being overweight or underweight.
  • The assay limit (potency) of the medicines may range between 95% to 110%. The higher the assay, the more is the expected efficiency.

So, the chances of incomplete abortion increase with self-abortion.

Incomplete abortions need surgical intervention to complete them. Now this is a country where abortion is illegal and you have procured abortion pills illegally. Can you think of getting a corrective surgery for abortion completion? What will you do now? You have paid a high amount for getting abortion pills and still, abortion is not complete.

Besides, pregnancy remnants can lead to internal infections. If such a patient does not receive early treatment, the infections can take a life-threatening turn. Sepsis can often be fatal.

But you know what, the risk of an incomplete abortion is preventable. You may be wondering how. So, here's your answer. Have you heard about Gentle Care suction abortion?

Gentle Care suction abortion: A complete abortion in less than 10 minutes by an expert doctor for abortion:

It is a pioneered abortion method by the American Hospital Bangalore. It is a painless method in which the doctor gently pulls out the pregnancy tissue. She inserts a soft and flexible tube through the cervix opening. This tube connects to a hand-held device that she uses to create suction. Since she operates it manually, she can control the pressure needed to suck the embryo.

Once in place, she turns on the aspirator and collects the embryo and other pregnancy tissue. It takes less than 3-5 minutes. She evaluates the collection to check for complete abortion. Once, she is sure, she gently removes the tube and your abortion is complete.

If you are wondering about pain, it is absolutely painless. With abortion pills, you may undergo abdominal cramps. Many women report it to cause intense pain. But Gentle Care suction is painless. Since it is a non-invasive method, there is no need for sedation. And no general anesthesia. While the doctor completes the abortion, a friendly nurse shall keep you engaged in a conversation. Your cervix region may be numbed using a topical anesthetic. And hence, you may not feel any discomfort or pain.

After the abortion, you can rest in your private room with your companion. After getting enough rest, an Uber can take you to your Airbnb homestay in Bangalore. You can rest overnight or as long as you feel like it. Many women feel comfortable travelling to Bahrain the following day.

Gentle Care suction abortion does not leave any pregnancy tissue. So, you can return to Bahrain knowing that your pregnancy is over.

Schedule a Gentle Care suction abortion appointment today.

Cost of abortion pills in Bahrain in terms of pain and heavy bleeding:

Even if you manage to buy the right abortion pills, they will induce a natural miscarriage. So, you can expect to experience abdominal cramps and pain. Most women who have undergone a medical abortion say that the pain is the worst part. Some others say that the heavy bleeding with abdominal cramps is what bothered them the most.

Many expatriate women living in Bahrain are working as professionals. They avoid getting longer breaks from work. And abortion with pills can cause so much bleeding, pain and discomfort that they may need rest. And it may take more than a week's break.

Abortion with pills usually takes hours for the embryo to expel. The bleeding may continue for up to days and sometimes weeks. However, bleeding ranging from spotting to heavy lasting more than a week can be because of incomplete abortion. So, usually, there is a waiting period before the woman can be sure of successful abortion.

Anemic patients shouldn't take abortion pills. Heavy bleeding can lead to fatigue. Sometimes, a blood transfusion may also be necessary. And where can you go in case of an emergency to seek help in a country where abortion is illegal?

Even if emergency medical care saves your life, the government authorities shall punish you for seeking an illegal abortion.

Comparison with Gentle Care suction abortion:

Whereas, with Gentle Care suction abortion women, can resume their routine the same day. Bleeding is very minimal and some do not have even that. The abortion gets completed on the same day in a single appointment. It is only a day of travelling from Bahrain to Bangalore. Next, abortion in 10 minutes, rest for nearly 15-30 minutes. Then, you can stay overnight and return to Bahrain the next day or as per the next flight.

So, the abortion trip to India for a Gentle Care abortion can be as short as 1-2 days. Yes, with non-connecting flights, you can also travel back to Bahrain on the same day. The non-stop flights take nearly 5 hours on one side.

If you are looking for a painless abortion that gets completed in a single appointment, inquire about an early slot. The hospital intake is limited and abortions are available only by appointment. You may not want to delay. Gentle Care suction abortion is available for terminating first-trimester pregnancies only.

Schedule a Gentle Care suction abortion appointment.

Cost of abortion pills in Bahrain in terms of ectopic pregnancy:

Are you aware about ectopic pregnancy? Are you sure that your pregnancy is not ectopic?

Ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy that can happen to any woman. And if you take abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, abortion will not take place at all.

Abortion pills work only for intrauterine or normal pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are non-viable pregnancies. They are medical emergencies where immediate medical treatment is essential to save the patient's life.

Only a transvaginal scan can clarify the exact length and location of your pregnancy. In case you take abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy can rupture. It can lead to burst fallopian tubes and can impact your reproductive health. If you ask us, whether this can negatively impact your future pregnancies, then "Yes". Not only you can lose your fertility, the condition can even be life-threatening.

In case immediate medical aid is not available, the patient may have to pay the cost with her life. And even if the surgery can save her life, her reproductive health is at risk.

However, the risk of an ectopic pregnancy is preventable with early detection. An early diagnosis can help the doctor in treating the condition medically. And it is also possible to avoid the surgery. Early ectopic pregnancy can be treated with medicines only.

Schedule an abortion consultation and appointment.

Some abortion stories and the cost of abortion paid by women in Bahrain:

Abortion story 1:

An unmarried girl living in the Wafra area got pregnant with a forbidden relationship. Not being able to get a legal and safe abortion, the pregnancy continued. As a result, a child was born. But the couple premeditated the newborn's murder.

Had they visited India, the woman could have terminated the pregnancy early. A timely help could have saved the things from getting too dirty.

(Source: https://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/newborn-murder-case-solved-indian-man-and-an-indonesian-woman-involved/

Abortion story 2:

A married woman in Bahrain wanted an abortion since she had a complete family. But, there was no legal way out of this unplanned pregnancy. She decided to buy abortion pills from an illegal supplier for KD 300.

The investigation department that was hunting down illegal abortion providers received a hunch. During a raid, four women and two men were arrested. The police officers found abortion pills at the location.

She could have travelled to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), and obtained a safe, legal and confidential abortion. Rather, she ended up being imprisoned.

And, below mentioned are what the satisfied patients of AHB have to say about their abortion experiences.

Gentle Care painless, quick, single-appointment, 100% successful abortion: Your best option

Abortion in Bahrain is illegal. But, Bahraini women, Indian expatriates and even foreign women can obtain a legal abortion in India for up to 20 weeks. They can travel to India as a part of a short abortion trip. After obtaining a Gentle Care abortion, they can return overjoyed with a successful abortion.

Gentle Care abortion does not hurt at all. It is painless.

Gentle Care abortion does not need any waiting period. You can get the abortion at your appointment. Shortly after the procedure, you can leave the hospital knowing that you are no longer pregnant.

It is a quick procedure that lasts 3-5 minutes only. AHB offers private abortions and hence, only a single patient is admitted at a time. It is the most comfortable, convenient, safe abortion that you can get. The abortion team is the best with highly qualified and experienced doctors and internationally trained nurses.

You can get a Gentle Care abortion in Bahrain with your consent only. And you need not be married for an abortion. You can obtain it either as a married woman or an unmarried girl.

However, only one patient is attended to at a time to give her undivided attention. You can even call the helpline number. The coordinator can help you with all travel and homestay arrangements besides the abortion appointment.